Today we bring you one of our top profile Veterinarian Duties and Responsibilities. Our main idea is to guide and motivate job seekers. So why late, here are the following Veterinarian Responsibilities:

Veterinarian Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Acting as the first point of contact for the clinic
  • Interacting with the clients in a friendly and professional manner
  • Answering phones, booking appointments and sending emails
  • Collecting payments from clients and updating account balances
  • Following up on patients via phone calls and sending reminder notifications 
  • Prepared surgical instrument packs and drapes to be sterilized in the autoclave
  • Cleaned and disinfected equipment, consult rooms, surgery, and hospital cages
  • Monitored patients in post-operative care
  • Assisted veterinary surgeons in surgeries and procedures 
  • Analyzed blood work using IDEXX 
  • Conducted urinalysis  
  • Set up for surgery and dental procedures
  • Assisted with X-rays
  • Drawing up of medications, flushes, and diluents

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