As the name suggests, this is the job related to computers or we can say the IT industry. A Computer Operator is the one who oversees the computer systems, looks for the security of the computer system and data. They monitor the system for equipment failure and errors in the performance, keyboard type command to transfer data that is encoded to magnetic tape from memory unit, and aid in classifying, labeling, maintaining and cataloging tapes.


  • According to the government, on-the-job training or a high school diploma is sufficient to qualify for the position of a computer operator.
  • Formal training in computers, communication, electronics, and technology is also required to become a good computer operator.
  • In some organizations, they require a certificate denoting training for at least a year beyond high school or associate degree.

Skills required by a Computer Operator:

The basic skills which are required to become a Computer Operator are:

  • They should have good hand on computer. They should know about various operating systems and surfing web also.
  • They should have keen knowledge of microchips, electronic circuits and various telecommunication systems.
  • They should know how to examine and solve technical problems.
  • Giving full attention to what other people saying.
  • Determining the tools required for the job.

Professional Growth:

In any organization, the job of Computer Operator is very responsible as the whole computer systems were handled by them. The security of the data of an organization is also necessary and a reliable person is required for this job. It is a computer world and the IT industry is also growing day-by-day which ultimately provides millions of jobs every year. Computer Operator has a very large scope in the future. The annual salary of the computer operator will be around $90,000.

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